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Another Great Service We
Offer is Memory Quilts

  • Using your T-shirts from sports teams or clubs, or any other T-shirt you want to keep forever but can’t or won’t wear any longer.
  • We can even use a picture, measuring up to 8×10″,  in any or all the squares of the quilt.
  • You choose up to 12 of your favorite shirts or pictures or combine the two.
  • Please wash and dry them prior to sending them to us.
  • Please do not cut the shirts.
  • We charge $20.00 per shirt. That price will cover stabilizer, background fabric, trim fabric, backing, quilting and binding.
  • You are responsible for shipping both ways.

How to pay for your Quilt

Personal checks, Zelle, Venmo or Cash App. We require the check to clear the bank prior to sending your quilt back to you. You must include return shipping cost as well.

How to Ship:

Please pack your quilt pieces (top, batting, backing) inside a plastic bag and put in a shipping box. Include your name, address, phone, & email, along with any instructions. On the outside of the box DO NOT have the word Quilt, as it will just encourage theft. Notify us (call, text, email) when you ship the box along with the expected delivery date, so we can be watching for it. You will be notified when it arrives.

Address to: Mary Ann Hayden 749 Raintree Trail Kent, Ohio 44240